Saturday, January 13, 2007

Been Awhile

Sorry I've not posted since last year...sometimes words just fail me, you know? I'm pretty sure that I've broken every resolution that I wrote here so far (AND the ones I didn't write down, like not going to Starbucks). But that's ok.

School...Nutrition and Culinary Analysis rocked, and I'm in Foodservice Production now. Basically, the former dealt with poaching and steaming and the latter with baking, pan-frying and saute. Each chef is completely different from the next and I love learning what makes each one unique.

So tonight I was going to take Maxmillian and Jon to see their first movie (their mom, Elisa is the sis of my best pal, Maelynn). I love those little guys! Charlotte's Web wasn't playing so I got them way overpriced ice cream at the theater and got to see them be mesmerized by the lights, constant conflicting noise and all the people. I love kids.

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