Monday, January 29, 2007

Its That Time Again

The Super Bowl, followed by Valentine's Day. I hope the Colts win. They deserve it. I don't hate Da Bears though. You can't, what with the Superfans and all.
I couldn't find any of the other SNL segments but this one is pretty funny.

I don't usually think about V-Day until a few days before, but I've been shopping more than usual and have kinda gotten in the spirit. As much as you really can with a made-up holiday. I'll be spending the 14th at school and at the KU game in Boulder. I've never been to a basketball game at another Big 12 school before. The seats are decent and there will be a ton of Jayhawk fans.

I'm really looking forward to the end of the month. Spring Break, Restaurant Week...its going to be an amazing time.

This Sunday, though...if you have any amazing snack recipes, send them to me. I'm going to at least make or get wings. Probably more delish goodies too.

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