Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creme Brulee and Caroline

Caroline Elizabeth Barron was born on Tuesday....a couple weeks early. Isn't she gorgeous?? I can't wait to meet her!

Today was the last day of Food Service Production and when Labato found out I had a culinary torch, we were automatically making creme brulee. We flavored it with just a touch of lemon & cinnamon and a ton of vanilla. He's really into making garnishes and making things look pretty in general (we had a discussion about best brands of cosmetics too, but that's a different story) so when i was done with getting the custard *just right* he was all about the teardrop apple cutouts and the caramelized sugar. Using the torch was fun. I know he took a photo or 2 and I'll be sure to post it.
Tomorrow is Store Room and then Meatcutting and then Spring break..the last day of class is Feb 22nd. So its more like Late Winter Break. I don't really have a lot of plans other than getting my summer externship lined up and going skiing with Maelynn, who HAS to come out here.

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fosmae said...

LOVE creme brulee. Would've loved to have tried it. Got the message loud and clear for Spring break or late winter break ...whatever it is called. I'll check into flights this weekend. M