Monday, February 12, 2007

Spring Break Plans

They aren't much, but I'll be in L-town late Thursday the 22nd - late afternoon Sunday the 25th. Definitely looking forward to it.
On my to-do list:

1. Hang out with Wenjun and Jo
2. Go to Free State at least once
3. See KU beat Iowa person
4. Have lunch or dinner with Mom at the former Westside Deli
5. Try to get Dad to play beer pong again.
6. Make dinner with Peggy
7. Sleep a lot.

Meatcutting isn't one of my strengths. Its weird ~ I have this expectation that I'll be good at anything involving hand-eye coordination. And it just doesn't happen. Chef's nice though. And we're eating International Cuisine at our leisure. I'll eat whatever Timmy (he's at Restaurant Week destination) makes. 1 day down, 8 to go...

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