Thursday, February 15, 2007

V-Day + Other Schtuf

Going to the KU/CU game rocked. It was awesome to see just as many, and at times a lot more, Kansas fans than Colorado. Highlights...
the 3 KU kids on the front row, right in front of the CU student section...the fact that they sell beer at the arena....the stupid signs trying to make fun of Kansas..

I think that Kaun (as in the KU center, Sasha) in Russian means either "hands like rocks" or "surprisingly athletic" depending on your voice inflection.

These next few days are going to be difficult. I feel really gross ~ half the time I'm hacking up a lung ~ and its just hard to concentrate anyway. Spring fever, spring fever!
There's a guy in my meatcutting class who is trying to get through it for the 3rd time. Someone commented, "I think I'd just give up." Yeah. Once is hard enough.

Saturday is Frasca night...I might take pics of all the lovely charcuterie and do a little write-up. There are seats open for walk-ins...the only reservation was available at 10:30. I'm just so psyched to go! Having something to look forward to is so important, you know? Even if its just a kick-ass dinner and a night on the town.

The Chinese New Year cake (Nian Gao) turned out really well. Red bean paste definitely tastes better than it sounds.

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fosmae said...

You better be completely over this pneumonia thing by the time I get there and not give it to me, or you'll be in trouble. :)