Monday, September 15, 2008

Full Moon

The residents at work act a little different during a full moon. For example, today a resident made a "purse" out of a brief (basically an adult diaper). She saw all of the features of such a soft, yet supportive design. When we tried to give her a real purse, she said she liked the one she had because "nothing would get scratched in it." The resident's room is right across the hall from my office so I listened to at least 5 people try to figure out why she had her personal belongings inside a brief.

Later on was craft time. The residents were painting various wood items ~ tops (the spinning kind), pumpkins, etc. Apparently the paint smelled pretty good because at least one resident tried to eat it. Several others tried to drink the paint water.

Other topics right off the top of my head...

I really like Michael Cera as an actor, but he needs to learn how to play another character. Nick and Nora looks like a combination of Superbad and Juno...with a dash of the Rocker thrown in. Not interested.

I've been eating roasted jalapenos every day. I can't explain why except for that they taste so good and lately, the hotter the item, the better. And some menudo sounds so good right now!

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