Monday, January 24, 2005

Despise and Disgust

You know how I wrote that my boss was being decent, just over 1.5 hours ago? This has all changed and I'm super, super angry about it. To get the full spectrum of her hideousness, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I am in charge of organizing 3 company blood drives per year. We give free lunch to the Red Cross workers and each donor gets a free soda and cookie from the cafeteria. Patti, the cafeteria manager, has to be notified prior to each drive so that she knows to charge the food to the dept.

I do a search on the computer email system to find Patty, which i misspell. And subsequently send the notification to the wrong person, both of whom are under the label "Contractor." I copy my boss on the email, as she likes to be informed as to every task I accomplish.

Realizing my mistake, and being really snotty about it, Evil Boss writes back, "Did Patti [correct spelling] get married?"

I wanted to write back, "No, but didn't you recently get divorced?"

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