Friday, January 28, 2005

Small Things

I just have to post, even though I don't have a lot to say, to get the last post off the top of the page. I thought about deleting it, but those feelings are just about as real as you can get.
Anyway, its Friday and I'm trying to figure out where the week went. Most of it was spent doing a lot of nothing here at work. There is purpose now, despite that fact, and I feel more worthwhile.
As I was reading This Afternoon in Drama and Andrea's hilarious post about the Surreal Life (I know the show she's talking about courtesy of author Joey Goebel and feel good name-dropping), I remembered how I feel about small things.
If a person/animal/ thing is small, I am more than likely to be drawn to it. Like Mini-Me for example. Or little makeup palettes that have the perfect color arrangement but are a total rip-off. Or baby rats. But only when they are older and have hair.

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