Monday, January 31, 2005

Coffee Deception

I don't want to make accusations here, but I'm fairly sure that the "Holiday" and "Winter" blends are exactly the same.

Tonight is the annual Kansas-Missouri basketball game in Lawrence. I wish I could be there talking smack with Dad and soaking up some of the energy for all things KU.
Winter is the time of year I miss Kansas the least. Come spring and summer, I will long for the shops, friends and restaurants that Evansville lacks. It has taken awhile, but I'm finding aspects about the 'ville that I like ~ the lower prices of gas and food, the fact that I have no baggage, Newcomers' club, Angela.
We finally found a church that has an entertaining and knowledgable preacher, good music and a Wednesday night service. I know that sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins and all, but sleeping in yesterday sure felt good.

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Audrey said...

heehee... I love Thursday night and Sunday night services at CCF. Sleeping in on Sunday mornings sure does feel nice.=)