Friday, February 18, 2005

Everything Tastes Better With MSG

...I figured out why I love Cheetos so much. The ingredient is fairly far down on the list but definitely accentuates the bright orangey cheez. Combined with the crispity crunch, I think I've found the crack cocaine of the savory snack world.
So today I confronted my boss about my lack of anything to do at work. I never thought that doing nothing (ok, surfing the 'net, hunting for good dinner recipes, IM'ing people and watching Homicide: Life on the Street) would get old but it really, really did.
I laid it out for her like this, "well i've been taking long lunches because why do nothing here when I can do nothing somewhere else?" I still can't believe I said that, but I truly made my case. She seemed to respect that and the meeting ended well, with a "Let's start fresh on Monday."
Works for me.

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